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# sins - Scrap is not Scrap
## About
This experiment began out of a fascination with a public school education in biology and a dissatisfaction with genetic algorithms with their ability to do work. Work is for chumps; entropy is less energy.
### [Artifical Life Slideshow](
## Quick Start
./waf configure
./waf build
## (not so) FAQ
What biology? All I see is bad python code.
Biology is a great example of a tremendous waste of time, so I love to be inspired by it. Other than that, there isn't really anything else here except a bunch of pseudoscience regarding dissent with modification. Computers are generally deterministic except in specific circumstances which makes producing new functionality in code the programmer's responsibility. The field of artificial intelligence attempts to reproduce human intelligence through deterministic computing and has come a long way in recent years. Artificial intelligence still has predictable results--we have a few tests for human intelligence, the most common being the [Turing test](
Intelligence is a bad thing now?
What does this all have to do with scrap not being scrap?
I have a habit of calling new projects "scrap" until I can think of a better name for them. I like to think that scrap is no longer scrap but you get to decided that one for yourself. I also originally named components after biblical figures but decided that was a sin against Father Darwin.