43 Commits (da0d4c9f9fa381f7d0207e8292bd1d336fb9c74b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
JoYo da0d4c9f9f cleanup 3 years ago
JoYo f77e558760 waf is causing to many issues for little gain, nixing 3 years ago
JoYo b7de0bcc78 nasm waf util handles yasm builds now 3 years ago
JoYo 0ccf038589 minor doc 3 years ago
JoYo 9435640e53 minor doc 3 years ago
JoYo eeef3ed5ed minor doc 3 years ago
JoYo faa9ec9330 docker build instead of virtual machine 3 years ago
= 8eb89d3657 switch to yasm 5 years ago
Xyc0 2188ab8060 gpp needs <stdexcept> 5 years ago
Xyc0 3908750ccb private children 5 years ago
JoYo 1dcd4278ff not sure why accept never receives connect 5 years ago
JoYo 6fd526ec2b socket for shared pipe 5 years ago
JoYo 204c8c3ce1 shared library through ctypes 5 years ago
JoYo b9edd23af1 run loop for generation 6 years ago
JoYo 96d22098df run generation passes pic through cli subproces, generation fork restored 6 years ago
JoYo 5c9b93479b cli pic loading to move everything else into python 6 years ago
JoYo 6b7b3ce193 child count for verbose output 6 years ago
JoYo d93929d8b5 execute loop 6 years ago
vagrant 3422602203 fixed waf file signature 6 years ago
JoYo a76854e457 logfile argument, waf update 6 years ago
JoYo 5f1a85b763 provisioning fixes 6 years ago
JoYo 91874aebd7 added provisioning, clang compiler, minor tweaks 6 years ago
JoYo a882cdca9e minor tweaking 6 years ago
JoYo 653dd4d5b6 python run script for parent segfaults 6 years ago
JoYo 414a79df9a pid list created, todo signal handling 6 years ago
JoYo 5dba23d673 line endings? 6 years ago
JoYo e41802ec85 fork loop with recursive on success 6 years ago
vagrant 5f4aad7b19 libssl-dev flags 6 years ago
JoYo 02a75dcd79 some progress in c before I move to cpp 6 years ago
Xyc0 50533d793e eh, moving out of cloud9 6 years ago
Xyc0 8ccbadf94b build update 6 years ago
Xyc0 2ce5281a55 removed python and windows impl, it was not going anywhere 6 years ago
Xyc0 c2f08290cf saving progress on python impl before moving to llvm 6 years ago
Xyc0 3b87e6a693 callback 6 years ago
Xyc0 d9c2cc7c48 executable mmap 6 years ago
Xyc0 39df01a782 clang-format sytle 6 years ago
Xyc0 9da8c3865c added link to artificial life slideshow 6 years ago
JoYo cd83b5b613 SIGSEGV recovery? and drand48 for RNG 7 years ago
JoYo 4a6c57b113 mmap for memory allocation, mutation successful 7 years ago
JoYo 70d068db22 load and execute 7 years ago
JoYo 1faad74d59 scrap shellcode 7 years ago
JoYo 5aafac4365 linking error 7 years ago
JoYo 83972b17cf init linux pic loader 7 years ago